Rival Rampage


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Short description: RIVAL RAMPAGE is an online multiplayer game in which players shoot and drift around the chaotic streets of Strife City, a hub for crime, secret societies, paranormal activities and lots’a *CHA-CHING*!

My first large scale Steam game. This was basically my dream game to make for nearly a decade. I had already made differrent, simpler versions of this game idea before. Though I got invested into making this game a real thing in 2016 I think. Found my then gamedev partner Tomas on Pixel Joint forums who made the awesome graphics and design for the game. We've spent 2 years working on it, though the release didn't go without it's issues and we had to part ways for financial reasons. This game still has a special place in my heart for the multitude of reasons and the wide learning experience it left me with.

Release date: 2017-11-07



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